• Elegance

    Bespoke fragrance custom made for the modern day emperor, the strong and self confident man fond of luxury and very attentive to the intricacies of fashion.For the man whose strength is his soul, who feels free and knows to enjoy life bit by bit, for whom elegance is his only adornment!

    Royal dunes Elegance, a new harmony of scent created by combining the most classic ingredients of men’s scents in a refreshing alluring combination.

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Royal Dunes Resonance – a fragrance for a man with a strong personality. The eclectic mix of citrus, woody and spicy notes interplay to create a strong masculine , seductive fragrance to convey the character of the man of today, knowledgeable and self confident, dynamic and entrepreneurial yet ardent and intense.

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Royal dunes Radiance is a fragrance for a strong man, passionate and master of himself . A heart of fresh florals on a canvas of sensual Amber and sandal wood conveys his different sensibilities- love, passion, beauty and desire. His charisma is palpable and his radiance , unstoppable!

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A floral fragrance, unique , fresh and charming. A sensual floral explosion of orange blossoms and mandarin tree blossoms! A majestic fragrance for the lady whose spirit know no bounds. Give in to the floral temptation and enjoy the extravaganza because a little indulgence is not a sin! Give in to the floral temptation and enjoy the extravaganza because a little indulgence is not a sin!

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Royal dunes Magnificence – for the modern day princess- stylish, graceful and intelligent yet sensuous and feminine. The coolness of the citrus circumscribing a floral heart, leaving behind a luxurious long lasting fruity trail.

She has class. She is versatile. She is beautiful inside out . Each stride of hers exudes confidence. She deserves a sumptuous fragrance. One that identifies with her unique personality. A red carpet fragrance to bring out the diva in her. A voluptuous fragrance to celebrate the different facets of her life.

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